Ian has been very professional, consistent, and a great artist. Every tattoo has come out clean and colorful, highly recommend.

Matthew B

Awesome guy, awesome work. I’ve gotten 4 tattoos from this guy and I’m more than satisfied with every one of them.

Mike T

Great tattoo artist who is dedicated to showing his passion for tattooing through his work on clients. Dope tattoos and has a good eye for colors. Dedicated to good work, straight lines, and solid color.

Dare D

My darling Ian is the best tattooer I have had. He makes me feel safe and respected. We work together to plan designs not only for the tattoo but how it will work with the rest of my body. I have been his client for some years and have been able to see the advancement in his skill. I am grateful to have him as my artist and my friend..

Madison J

I got tattooed 3 times by Ian and I will keep coming back to him every time I get a new Idea. He is a great artist, funny, easy to work with, always down for a challenging tattoo and will always make sure you absolutely fucking love it !

Donna H

I've come to Ian for three separate tattoos and he has been amazing to work with each time! He really takes my ideas and makes them better with his own unique twist. I've recommended Ian to all my friends looking for an artist who is both professional and passionate.

Eliza T